Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A "Visitor"

Jake and I got home from a nice Cinco de Mayo dinner at Chili's tonight and we had a visitor waiting for us in our garage. We took a picture of him to share with all of our friends and family:

Now this picture is zoomed in and this Wolf Spider, as we later found out online, was about 3 inches from tip of his front leg to the tip of his back leg. Well, Jake sprayed him with "kill on contact" spider killer spray and low and behold, the spider ran away and hid flipping Jake off the whole way! About 10 minutes later, we both went back to the garage to see if he was gone and just as I stepped out of the door there was a sound as if I stepped on a dead leaf... sure enough, it was the ginormous spider! It totally freaked me out and I ran across the garage screaming the whole way! Jake had to clean it up before I would even come back to that side of the garage. I felt so bad. I wouldn't have minded if he was just relocated out of the garage because we found on Wikipedia that they are harmless and good hunters.

Anyway, that was our latest visitor. I promise I don't kill all of our visitors so feel free to stop by sometime!

1 comment:

Sara said...

I would have stepped on it the moment I saw it!! I hate spiders.