Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I need your help. In honor of Earth Day 2009 ( I know, still a little late) I am going to plant about 10 trees around our property and I'm not sure which ones to pick. My goal is to provide shade to our house during the summer months as well as make our yard more beautiful. I love all of these trees and I can use a combination. I would like to see which are the favorites. Please vote on the survey to the right and please write some comments to me about what you think! Thank you!

Weeping Cherry

Red Oak- Summer

Red Oak- Fall

Eucalyptus- an evergreen tree which smells wonderful.

Sugar Maple- Summer

Sugar Maple- Fall

Japanese Red Maple


Dink said...

I think the sugar Maple is beautiful and the Japanese maple as well. I love the weeping cherry but it may be messy. Those are my favorites!!

Brian, Kristi, Scott, Kevin, & Baby said...

Autumn Blaze Maples are awesome up here. Sugar maple I was told do not do well in our conditions. Also, the cherry is great, but the flowers fall one petal at a time, so mess is an issue, of course where you live, wind is a clearing agent too... ha ha. Check out a Japanese Maple too, they spread wide, but stay fairly low. We have one in our yard and it is nice too.