Monday, May 26, 2008

Nico the Clown...

OK so here is a story I meant to put on a long time ago...

Nico gives us something to laugh at everyday, but this one takes the cake. It is so funny I can't help laughing but I feel guilty at the same time... but I have to laugh... and feel guilty. You'll understand why:

I was driving out to my folk's house in our Camry and Nico was in the back seat. Now he LOVES to stand up and hang his head out of the window. Well, I'm driving and looking in the side mirror, because I adjusted it so I could only see his face in it, and laughing hysterically because he is so wrinkly and droopy that his lips are doing their darnedest to make him fly! They are flopping up and down so fast and with so much fury that they are hitting him in the eyes and making him flinch with each pass. Now not only are his lips preparing for lift off, his neck skin is helping as well, and to top that off, his eyes are being blown open by the wind like he is terrified! So like I said, I'm driving and staring and laughing out loud thinking, "I'm going to video this and send it to America's Funniest Home Videos... we could win $10,000!" So we come to a corner where I turned to the left very slowly. Now I always make it a point to go extra slow because Nico is a little clumsy and loses his balance easy. Well, I heard him stumble a little and I glanced back at him over my left shoulder and all I could see was his tail bouncing up and down, back and forth as he was walking across the street... HE FELL OUT OF THE WINDOW!!!! Now first off, he wasn't hurt at all, not even a scrape and can't tell you exactly how he did it. It was just a split second, just a little rustle in the back seat and out he went. He also defies physics because he was hanging out of the left rear window... I turned left (very slowly mind you), and he fell out the left window... He should have gone to the right like most things do in the car as you turn left. Go figure. He wasn't even jumping out to chase anything because he was just casually walking across the street when I stopped and got him. He just looked at me like nothing at all happened. He got back in the car and was perfectly normal. Weird huh? Now I really wish I had this on video!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well hello there. I know, I know... it's been way too long since I updated this. Well, we've had some things going on lately. Jake's grandma, Texana, in New Mexico passed away so we travelled over there for her funeral. I had never been to that part of NM before so it was fun and exciting. I got to see the Rio Grande River... never seen that before.

Jake's brother, Sam, graduated from the CA Highway Patrol Academy. Yep, he's a CHiP now... more John than Ponch though.
Jake and I have been working like crazy. Our schedules have changed... again... so we only see each other about 4 nights a week. We do have the same days off though so that is nice.

Jake and I are going to the gym quite often. There is a half marathon in Sedona next February and I have been dared to take part. I can do 6 miles on the elliptical but running is a different story. We'll see how that works out... I'll keep you posted... really I will.

Well, our local minor league hockey team won the league championships and the President's Cup. Jake went to the celebration and got his picture taken with the cup. He was so excited! It is pretty cool. It was fun having season tickets again this year and watching them go all the way.

We found this great little trail/road across the street from our house that Nico really enjoys. We let him off the leash and he runs around like an excited child on Christmas morning. He finds bunny rabbits and roadrunners and chases them. We encourage this of course knowing that there is no chance in Hedes he'll ever catch one. He's a little too big and clumbsy for that. He's a good jogging partner though... he has more energy than I do and way more than his huge body should have.

Here is the view on that trail. Isn't AZ beautiful. Just 2 days ago it was pushing 100 degrees, and now it's raining... go figure. I love that kind of weather though. It keeps you on your toes.
Well, I guess that is about it. I promise to try to be better with this updating thing. I've added a few pics and a video to the past blogs as well. I worked very hard on these, computers don't come natural to everyone, so check it out. Have a good one and enjoy!