Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sun 'N Fun

As some of you know, I was lucky enough to be picked to represent Lockheed-Martin at the annual "Sun 'N Fun" airshow in Lakeland, FL a few weeks ago. I spent 9 days there and it was great! Very sunny and fun! I flew out on a Saturday and my mom came out on Monday to spend the week with me. We went to Downtown Disney in Orlando, the MOSI Museum in Tampa where we saw "Body Worlds & the Story of the Heart", we went to Honeymoon Island and laid by the beach 2 days (notice the woman behind my mom... a little confidence goes a long way). While I was at the airshow working most of those days, my mom ate breakfast by the pool and read. I taught her how to text message on her phone and she would write me while she was at enjoying the pool. Great job Mom!

We did go to the airshow and watch one day after work. It was so fun! We saw some awesome airplanes doing amazing aerobatics.

While at work we briefed pilots on the weather and forecast what it was going to do for the next few days around the country. We also were able to do group briefings where we would take the golf cart to different parts of the airshow grounds and talk to large groups of people such as the ultra-light pilots or the hot air balloon pilots or all of the pilots and parachute jumpers that performed in the airshow. It was really fun. I got to meet a lot of really neat people and get to talk to them face to face instead of just over a phone.

I had so much fun! I would love to go again next year!

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Sara said...

Sounds like fun! I'm glad you and your mom had a good time in Florida.