Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are You Tough Enough to Wear Pink?

Well, October is here again and I can't believe the year has gone by so fast! I feel like I say that every year.

As I struggle to remember where the year has gone, I want to remind you that October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month." I have found many facts about breast cancer that I will be blogging about throughout the month. Here is the first:

  • Breast cancer incidence in women in the United States is 1 in 8 (about 13%).

I think it is amazing the amount of awareness that breast cancer has gotten in the last few years. It seems that no one is afraid to wear pink anymore. The University of Nebraska sported pink hockey jerseys. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association routinely does a "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" night which raises money for breast cancer research. Who is going to tell this bull rider he isn't "tough enough to wear pink?"

I think that it is great that so many people can see the color pink and automatically think of the breast cancer cause. Remember: "Think Pink", "Feel Your Boobies", and "save the ta-ta's"!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How Does it Happen?

I worked all night last night and I came home wide awake and full of energy (I know, weird huh?) I felt ambitious and decided I was going to clean my house. My question is:

How does my house get so dirty so fast?

It baffles me. I feel like I just dusted and mopped my floors and scrubbed my kitchen and it is dirty again. With having the two dogs and a dirt yard (it's supposed to be grass but it was long dead when we moved in and it never came back) I could vacuum, mop and dust daily and still feel like it needed to be done again within an hour.

On my Simplicity Adventure blog, I follow From Pigpen To Paradise. Each day, she posts a daily challenge. It may be to clean out your refrigerator, mop your kitchen floor, wipe off the bathroom counter and sinks, or any other simple chore for the day. I like this blog because it gives me a simple chore to do each day instead of a weeks worth of stuff on my day off.

Anyway, I hope none of you have the same dusty house problem as I do. If so, hang in there.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To CA & Back

On Saturday night Jake and I worked and then drove down to Phoenix to fly to CA. Our nephew, Liam, was being baptized on Sunday.

We also had the pleasure of meeting our other nephew Grant. He is only a few months old.

Right after the baptism and lunch, we went back to the airport and flew back to AZ. We grabbed something to eat and started the 1 1/2 hour drive back up the hill. About 1/2 way back, there was a huge car accident and the 17 freeway was stopped for about 40 minutes. We eventually got through. Jake had to work at 10 that night. We only had time to drop him off so he could work. I went home, got about 3 hours of sleep and went back to work at 4am. Wow, what a long weekend. It was great seeing the family and our nephews though!

New Addition...

There is a new addition to our blooming town of Prescott Valley. It's a Hobby Lobby! This place is awesome! If you've never been to one don't worry. I had never heard of it before it opened here. It is much like a Michael's and Joann's but better. They seem to have quite a bit more stuff. They have fabric, home decor, baskets, picture framing, Christmas decorations (I love Christmas), Halloween and Thanksgiving decor, and my personal favorite scrapbook stuff. They also offer classes as well. They have a 40% off coupon on their website and you can even print off their weekly ad which shows which departments are having sales up to 50% I really like this store. We are planning to go back tomorrow and I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Almost a Barn

Well, the other day, a friend from work found Jake and I a barn that would have been perfect for us. Jake and I called the guy and went to see it. It was beautiful. It was for sale for $17,000. I know that sounds like a lot but the guy bought it for $50,000! After the long weekend, I called him back and he said it sold. He later called me back and said the guy backed out. He told me to call the bank and see what I could do. He called again later and said the other buyer wanted it again. He gave him until Thursday morning to get him a check. This morning, he called me and said, I need to get rid of this. For an extra $8,000 I have a guy who will take it down and deliver it. And for more money he will pour the concrete and put it back up for you, BUT I need the money as soon as possible.

Ultimately, I told the guy that we would pass on the barn and he can sell it to someone else. I don't want to be rushed into buying this barn and paying extra. Oh well, I guess we'll find something else.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


While I was cleaning my kitchen the other day I decided to oil my bamboo cutting board. As I pulled my $9.99 bottle of bamboo oil from the shelf I saw the ingredient list. You know what I spent almost $10 on? LIGHT MINERAL OIL!

So, instead of paying $10, go to Walgreens and buy a bottle of mineral oil for $2.99

Instead of giving you my 2 cents, I gave you $7.01 worth!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Everyday Minerals

I ordered my new make up from Everyday Minerals late Friday night. I got an email saying it was shipped on Saturday. WHO SHIPS ON A SATURDAY?!? And I got my stuff today, Wednesday!

Right now, if you order $35 worth of products you get a free, full-sized "Sunshine" concealer. I ordered the flat top brush and I can't believe how soft it's synthetic bristles are. I have NEVER felt a brush so soft in my life. I also ordered the Lavender Mint lip balm. It smells so good and relaxing. The Pink Lemonade lip color is very nice. It is a slight pink with some shimmer. It would be good if you are looking for the nude lip kind of look. I also got my Medium Beige Neutral base (foundation) and a pressed powder and a retractable flat top brush.

All I can say is "WOW!" I love these products.