Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello Pain. Long Time No See.

Well, it has been about 6 months since I have really, and I mean seriously, worked out. A few walks or runs with the dogs but not much more. That is going to change... Tonight.

At the end of last year, Jake and I bought the P90X workout videos. They are amazing, but they are SO hard. They WILL work if you do them. We did them pretty religiously until we bought our house. From then on, we have been too busy painting, pulling weeds, decorating, etc to do the hour long, very strenuous videos. Plus they hurt.

Well, thanks to a buddy at work, Mike, I have decided I am starting the videos again. I told Mike I was starting on Monday, and guess what? It's Monday. It's now 10pm and I'm putting on my workout shoes to do my hour long "Kenpo" workout.

I'll work out pretty easy this week and really hit it hard next week. I'm going to start with some cardio workouts then add in the weights next week.

Here is how I expect to look in 90 days (or something similar):

Not too shabby huh?

You can purchase your own method of torture at for $120 or 4 monthly payments of $20.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Dream

During my very broken sleep last night I did manage to have a short dream. It was about a horse show that I was going to ride in. It was the day before, and I still hadn't even found the horse I was supposed to show the next day. Her name was "Cookie" and she was somewhere on this huge ranch with a gazillion horses on it. Never did find her.

What does this mean?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Up and Running!

I'm up and running on my Simplicity Adventure blog. I've done my first project! Check it out!

I've Got It!

I've got it! After staring at my messy pantry late last night, I started to pull out everything to reorganize and **POOF** my new blog idea was born! I'm going to blog my decluttering story. I've been needing to reorganize the rooms in our house anyway. This will give me inspiration and drive to actually do it.

Here is my new decluttering blog...

The Simplicity Adventure

Please follow along with me on my quest to a clutter free, organized house.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Jake and I spent the evening with his folks and went to dinner at Woody's Chili Dogs followed by a 6:45 showing of Julie and Julia. What a great movie. It was very funny. Amy Adams is great in it as "Julie". She is so cute. In the movie she came up with the idea to make every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook in one year and blog about her experiences. As cliche as it is, it got me thinking. I would love to have something to blog about, something more than just what happened at work today. The problem is, I don't have anything super-great to blog about. I don't have any talent, such as cooking in this movie, to write about.

I'm going to be thinking of ideas, but if you have any, please let me know. I know I'll need help with this one.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Animal Pictures

You all know how much I love animals. Jake's aunt Tia sent me an email with 23 pictures of animals that are both beautiful and some are funny. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Click on each one to make it bigger and to see the detail.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy 6th Anniversary!

August 7th was the 6th anniversary of Jake and I meeting. Since we met at a baseball game, our tradition has become to go to a baseball game at a different major league ballpark each year. No local teams were playing this year so we were bummed. Jake planned out a surprise for me. Turns out, we flew to Denver to go to a Rockies game. We flew out Friday morning and came home Saturday evening. It was so much fun. I had never been to Denver before. We walked up and down the 16th Street mall which is like 2 miles of shops. We went to a nice dinner at an Italian place there. We then walked to the baseball game. The Rockies were playing the Chicago Cubs so the crowd was about 50-50 with fans for both teams. We cheered for the Rockies because it was a give-away night and we got free Rockies hats. The Rockies lead the whole game and won 6-2. Go Rockies!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Got My Makeup

I got my Everyday Minerals makeup in the mail the other day. I ordered it late Friday and got it Wednesday. Not bad. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the foundation. I found it to keep me shine free for the whole day. My color is Medium-Beige Neutral. I also got a sample cheek color too. I chose "Pink Ribbon" and I love it. It is a light pink with a ton of shimmer. I'm going to order a whole face full of stuff soon including their environmentally friendly brushes!