Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well, Jake and I didn't get our house. We offered our best and the seller came back with wanting even more. We just couldn't do it. We're going to wait a bit and see how much money we can put away. Our plan is to make another offer on it, just early next year. We'll see how it goes I guess. But for now, we are just waiting and saving.

We;re leave for Boston and New York City tomorrow at 9:45a so we have a bunch of stuff to do today. Packing and laundry and taking Nico to my folks house for the week and just making sure we have all of our papers together with our confirmation numbers and such. It will be SO fun!

Talk to ya'll soon!


Dink said...

Yeah Jesse is more than happy to be my waxing helper too to get rid of all that hair!!! The wax pot at Sally's was only $25 or the starter kit with a bigger wax pot for $50 it works soo nice!! We got to go to NY in June and we had a blast!! It is soo fun to just be in such a busy place with soo many things going on around you. I definitely wouldn't want to live there but love visiting. I miss you too and wish that we lived closer. I will of course let you know if we are going to Arizona so we can meet up that would be great! Sorry to hear about the house deal falling through that is really frustrating I hated putting in offers and dealing with sellers it was a huge pain in my rear. I hope you are able to get something that you want soon!!

Dink said...

As for the slide show, go to customize, open the box that you have the slide show code in, look for this part of the code and change the numbers so that they match this (/slideticker.swf" style="width:245px;height:320px"), then save it and check to make sure that it fits how you like it. Just tweek these numbers till it fits how you want. I think I also changed the Template to make it fit better but I can't seem to find where in the code it is. But it will work by just doing this as well. Let me know if it works or not.