Thursday, August 28, 2008


So I've noticed I have a ton of pictures of Nico on this blog but none of the horses! How could I forget them? So here we are, pictures of each and a description of the other "kids."

Reno: A human stuck in a horse's body. Reno is extremely intelligent and "cunning." He is mischievous and fun. Reno is a tremendous athlete and loves to work hard and perform in front of people. He's a ham. He is the one I took to the horse show in Flagstaff and the one in the picture and video posted on this blog.

Buster: He's the lover of the group. He would love to just stand next to you and cuddle you all day if he could. Buster would love to just crawl into your pocket and go everywhere with you. He is the only one of the three that actually will walk up to you when you go out to catch him to ride. He does anything he can to make you happy. He's such a sweetheart.

Soda Pop: She is the princess of the group. Most of the equipment I have for her is pink and she loves it. Soda is so feminine and pretty. She is probably one of the prettiest horses I've ever seen. She has an attitude though. Soda is very prissy. Like I said, she's a princess. She does enjoy being ridden and she is really good at what she does.

There you go, the other kids. I'll make sure I am better at keeping them in the loop too! I'm a bad mom! (I can't get the spacing right so sorry some words are spaced a little weird. Sorry)

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Katherine Barnes said...

I swore I tried to post a comment on here about how good Reno looks, but it must have not gone through. Reno looks amazing! I still have pictures of you guys from back in the day :-). It definitely makes me smile to know you still have him. Your other horses look great too!