Saturday, August 16, 2008


The past few days, Nico has seemed like he was a little sore in his left hip. He would whine as he stood up, or cry as we petted his hips. Fearing hip dysplacia, we took him to the vet. As they were poking around, he just about jumped through the roof as they poked at his belly. We decided to do x-rays of his abdomen and hips. When we picked him up later that day, they showed us the x-rays. They pointed out his liver, spleen, stomach, bladder, colon, kidneys, and a large tennis ball sized mass they couldn't identify. They say it may be cancer, a hematoma, tumor, or even something else, they just don't know. Another view showed that his spleen and colon, which are supposed to run down the center are pushed to either side of his body. Nico will have to go back on Tuesday afternoon for an ultrasound so they can pinpoint what it may be a little more accurately. Now, about his hip x-rays... his hips aren't too bad-- They aren't great, just not too bad. He probably will have hip dysplacia at some point. Also, they think his miniscus in his knee is slightly torn. It's not so bad to need surgery for it but it is kinda torn. Also, he already has arthritis in his knees as well. Poor guy. We'll keep you posted. (I used a lot of big words that I can't spell, so forgive me.)


Sara said...

Awwww, poor Nico!! Jerm and I hope he gets better real soon. :)

Dink said...

Poor Nico!!! What a dork!!