Sunday, September 20, 2009

How Does it Happen?

I worked all night last night and I came home wide awake and full of energy (I know, weird huh?) I felt ambitious and decided I was going to clean my house. My question is:

How does my house get so dirty so fast?

It baffles me. I feel like I just dusted and mopped my floors and scrubbed my kitchen and it is dirty again. With having the two dogs and a dirt yard (it's supposed to be grass but it was long dead when we moved in and it never came back) I could vacuum, mop and dust daily and still feel like it needed to be done again within an hour.

On my Simplicity Adventure blog, I follow From Pigpen To Paradise. Each day, she posts a daily challenge. It may be to clean out your refrigerator, mop your kitchen floor, wipe off the bathroom counter and sinks, or any other simple chore for the day. I like this blog because it gives me a simple chore to do each day instead of a weeks worth of stuff on my day off.

Anyway, I hope none of you have the same dusty house problem as I do. If so, hang in there.

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Sara said...

We have a lot of dust too! I blame it on the facts that we have a dog and the majoritity of our furniture is dark, which makes it more noticeble.