Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Dream

During my very broken sleep last night I did manage to have a short dream. It was about a horse show that I was going to ride in. It was the day before, and I still hadn't even found the horse I was supposed to show the next day. Her name was "Cookie" and she was somewhere on this huge ranch with a gazillion horses on it. Never did find her.

What does this mean?


Dink said...

I think dreams are all about random subconcious thoughts and fears. I always have this reaoccurring dream that I cannot find my classes and forget where I am going in college. I never had that problem but I dreamed of it often. I also dreamed I was a surrogate mother for my neighbor last night carrying twins and we were in a makeshift birthing center in my parent's old master bedroom with a bunch of other pregnant ladies. Before delivering the babies we were read our last rites as well. Not sure where all that came from.

Dreams are crazy, crazy!!

Sara said...

I think it means that you're supposed to bake me some cookies and deliver them to me on a horse! :-)