Monday, August 24, 2009


Jake and I spent the evening with his folks and went to dinner at Woody's Chili Dogs followed by a 6:45 showing of Julie and Julia. What a great movie. It was very funny. Amy Adams is great in it as "Julie". She is so cute. In the movie she came up with the idea to make every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook in one year and blog about her experiences. As cliche as it is, it got me thinking. I would love to have something to blog about, something more than just what happened at work today. The problem is, I don't have anything super-great to blog about. I don't have any talent, such as cooking in this movie, to write about.

I'm going to be thinking of ideas, but if you have any, please let me know. I know I'll need help with this one.

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Dink said...

you should blog about your quest to find a hobby? You could try out some new hobby/project each week and then document it.