Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 Years... Already!

So it's been 2 years of wedded bliss already. We both took an extra day off and decided to head to Las Vegas again this year to celebrate. It was a very fun trip. We didn't gamble at all so no winnings but we did go and see "Zumanity" at the New York, New York hotel. That is the Cirque de Soleil show that has half naked people... when they say "partial nudity", they mean more like 7/8ths nudity. Beautiful people though so it wasn't a bad night. It was a great show. We travelled the strip and visited all of the hotels and shops. We went to Fremont Street too and had my face made into a clay sculpture. Quite amazing! There was an Asian man who was making these with just his fingers! He gave it to me 1/2 price because he needed a model. Nice huh? Does it look like me? One of our favorite things is to watch the Bellagio water shows. I saw a new one this time around. It is called, "Time To Say Goodbye" by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman. What a beautiful song. I put a video of the show below. It's a new favorite song. Overall, it was a wonderful trip. Here's to many more years and anniversaries to come!

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Sara said...

Happy Anniversary again...only belated this time! I'm glad you guys had fun in Vegas and that you liked Zumanity. Jerm and I were talking about seeing that one...but first we shall see Phantom!

By the way, I almost put the same Christmas countdown on our blog yesterday! Weird!