Monday, October 8, 2012

Is Blogging a Thing of the Past?

Well, it's obviously been a really, REALLY long time since I blogged last which made me wonder: Is blogging as popular as it once was?

clip_image002I now have a 13 1/2 month old so I understand not having free time to sit down and type up thoughts and ideas. When I'm not a work I'm usually a human jungle gym trying to get the basic, everyday chores done around the house. I'm lucky if I accomplish all of those. We need to downsize (more on that in a later posting). Many of the blogs I've followed in the past don't seem like they're updated as often as they once were. Some blogs have their first posting also as their last.

Blogging used to be all the rage. It seemed as though everyone who was anyone had a blog. Food blogs, cleaning blogs, blogs that covered clothes. Any interest you had there was a blog for it with postings, pictures, tips, trends and techniques. Has Pinterest replaced blogs? I am obsessed with Pinterest. Maybe the text from our blogs has been converted into pictures on Pinterest. The problem with Pinterest is that there is so little text. We don't have to read about how to do things when there are pictures explaining it. I find that sometimes the original intent and/or the little details are often lost.

clip_image004I love blogging. My original intent was to have a blog as a great way to get information, ideas, pictures and stories out to family and friends (I'd be lying if I said I've never dreamt of my blogs being read by millions). My other blog, The Simplicity Adventure, was to help make me a better person (inspired by the movie Julie & Julia) by downsizing, organizing, cleaning, and going green in our home and lives. I'd love to continue both of these blogs... hopefully with more frequent updates than I do now.

What are your favorite blogs that stay updated? What are your reasoning for blogging or for not blogging?

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