Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Quick & Dirty

I know, I know... It's been too long. Here is the quick and dirty of the past 4 1/2 months. Our house is finished and updated. We have new flooring (carpet and wood) and new paint on every surface of the house. The walls were all painted and the ceilings too. I think it looks great!

We went on vacation with Saremy the beginning of March. We had a blast! We went to a LA Laker game, Universal Studios, Disneyland for 3 days, an Anaheim Ducks game, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and many restaurants and shops in So. Cal. It was so fun! Sara put 9 days worth of vacation on her blog and she explains it so well! We always have so much fun with Saremy. Thanks for the great "First Annual!" Here are some pictures:

Also, some more gre
at news... IT'S A BOY! That's right we have a new baby boy in the family and his name is Alfie!

We got him from the animal shelter out here. He's 2 years old and such a lover. We were told he is a St. Bernard/Hound mix. I'm not sure. He has a hound bark, St. Bernard coloring, and a Pitt Bull body-he is very strong and muscular. He's a mutt. Him and Nico are great brothers and friends. They play most of the day and sleep next to each other at night. Now Nico isn't lonely when we are at work anymore. He is a great addition to our family.

My birthday was great. I turned 26 this year. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Its just another year. Jake bought me an amazing cake. There is a guy we work with whose wife owns a cake bakery. She is amazing. Check out her website Cakes By Jenna. She is amazing!

Yes this is actually my cake.

A group of people at work have decided to run a relay race. Dareth, you may know this one from up in Utah. It is called
"The Ragnar Relay". It is a 24 hour, 201 mile race from Prescott to Wickenberg to Mesa. There are 12 runners each running 3 legs. Each leg varies from 2-9 miles. I've already claimed the 5, 4.6, and 3.1 mile legs. So needless to say, I have started running. The good news is that Alfie goes with me each time. I bought him a backpack and he carries my water, a collapsible water bowl for him and my cell phone. He has so much energy that he happily carries the extra weight and still keeps up with me. I'll keep you posted how my running goes. I've started writing in a journal about each run too, just to have a record to look back on. The race is next February so I have plenty of time.

Well, that is pretty much it for now. Sorry it took me so long to catch up. It won't happen again... probably.

I'm so excited about SPRING and Earth Day Apri
l 22nd! I have big things planned!

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Dink said...

Yes I do know the Ragnar Relay!!! My sister ran in it last year and had a lot of fun. I was thinking of doing it with my neighbor and some of her co-workers. That would be a lot of fun if we got to see each other!! Good luck with the training and your new dog is soo cute!!!