Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well, our house papers haven't been signed yet. We were supposed to sign them Monday but that was delayed because there was a judgement, aka lien, on the house. That had to be cleared up before we would sign the papers and ultimately accept the debt. That was cleared up Wednesday morning. We then found out that our loan papers had not been sent and still needed a few things to be completed. We got that cleared up and now the papers have to be sent here from CA. So hopefully we can actually sign them tomorrow. It will then take 3 days for the selling bank to sign which means that with the weekend, that will be next Tuesday )-: Jake and I had taken a week off of work to paint and get the fencing and flooring done and now that seems to have been a waste so we will probably go back to work so we don't waste vacation time. Bummer huh?


Sara said...

That sucks about the delay! The housing market and the way they handle things in this city is terrible! The majority of people that we dealt with were very..."special." :)

Dink said...

Buying a house is one big hassle but it is sure nice once you get it and are all moved in!! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you guys are all done with your changes!!